5KW Solar System

An ideal solar panel system for a small to medium family. The system includes complete installation of the solar panels along with warranties.

System Information:

20x High Efficiency Panels

SmartGen solar always uses high efficiency solar panel with tolerance power of up to 3% variation so that the system comes with reliable Output from 6388 to 9125 kwh/year*.

Premium 5 KW wifi inverter


High end wi fi inverter with extended warranty up to 10 years with a tracker to check the electricity production.

Australian Standard Installation

SmartGen solar ensures that the installation meets Australian standards by choosing installers that are accredited by Clean Energy Council. The installation comes with 10 year workmanship warranty.

25 year warranty

SmartGen Solar sources only top quality solar panel for the systems. That is why we offer 25 year performance warranty in our panel so that you can stay assured with performance of the system while investing.

Easy Finance options - See More

We understand that solar can be a large investment to afford sometimes. We parter with most reliable finance partner in the industry in order to make your solar dream a reality.

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panel system?

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