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A large number of companies all over the world are increasingly looking up to  commercial solar energy to power their business. The most apparent reason for this transition is savings – mainly saving on electricity bill . If your business is suffering from hefty utility prices, turning to  solar is one of the easiest ways to protect dwindling profit margins. But the advantages of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels don’t stop there.

Why businesses Should turn to Commercial Solar Energy


Lower utility bills (and operational costs) is a certainly major benefit.  But by outfitting your business with solar technology, you also benefit from the 


1.  A Lower Carbon Footprint

Because solar panels don’t pollute, they help to protect the environment.  This alone is a pretty powerful benefit.  But solar panels also protect your business as well. California currently leads the way in environmental regulation, and the state’s enforcement will only become stricter in the years to come.  With solar panels installed on your business, you can avoid having to pay punitive fines and tariffs down the road.


2.  Pricing Predictability

Utility rates change all the time.  But solar electricity prices remain fixed – often for decades.  When you know what your energy bills will be 5, 10, or even 20 years in the future, you can make better-informed decisions about how to allocate limited resources.


3.  Tax Benefits & Depreciation

Solar is not an expense.  It’s an asset – one that confers lucrative tax benefits to commercial system owners.  Take advantage of depreciation and protect your bottom line. With a little-known auditing loophole called cost segregation, you can even accelerate your PV system’s depreciation and reap larger savings in the process.


4.  Commercial Solar Incentives

The government wants you to go solar and is fully prepared to help finance your system if that’s what it takes.  From tax credits to cash rebates, there is a ton of free money to help you make the transition.  But as with most types of incentives, these subsidies won’t be around forever.  If you don’t use this money, your competitors most certainly will.


5.  Corporate Social Responsibility

Want free marketing?  Solar panels will generate way more positive awareness of your company than any advertising campaign ever could.  Demonstrate to customers that you’re a responsible corporate citizen who cares about the future of this planet.  And watch your profits soar.


Why Choose SmartGen Solar for Your Commercial PV Installation?


The above benefits are very real – no matter where your business is located. Australia, being a country, blessed with year-round sunshine and an a range of incentives that make going solar a no-brainer. It’s one of the easiest business decisions you’ll ever have to make. And at SmartGen Solar, we’re here to make that decision even easier:

We consistently help our clients enjoy payback periods and ROIs that exceed the industry average. We handle the entire installation process, holding your hand every step of the way.  No heavy lifting on your part. We back our workmanship with rock-solid performance guarantees.  If your panels don’t produce what we say they will, we’ll cover your losses.

Ready to power your business with clean, predictable, and affordable sunshine?  

SmartGen offers you various options so that you can

have a savvy choice for your business.


Two most popular options for commercial solar are commercial Rental and Power Purchase Agreement(PPA)


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