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The two co-owners of SmartGen have almost a decade of experience between them in designing solar solutions to suit the needs of their clients. A rich passion for ensuring their customers get a good deal, and reliable service saw the start of SmartGen Solar. 


We will analyse your current and prospective power needs, and then develop a system to help you cut costs and save money well into the future. 


Thanks to our first hand experience and working for different solar retailers over the years, we also understand that the quality of the solar products makes a huge difference to how it works. That is why we always source our products from leading manufacturers so that you can be assured of getting the best product. 


Let us use our expertise to help you join the thousands of Australians that are reaping the rewards of solar power. 

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About Solar Power

Solar Power: An infinite source of energy 


With the rising demand on sustainable and renewable sources of producing energy, Solar is a popular option for both residential and commercial use. 

Harnessing the sun's energy has plenty of benefits. Financially, solar can help you reduce or eliminate your power bills by generating your own electricity rather than drawing it from the grid. 


Switching to solar also enables you to do your bit to save the earth by reducing your carbon footprints. 


Even the government is in support of solar power. This means you can make the most of incentives and rebates to offset your upfront expenses. 


 Why SmartGen Solar? 


SmartGen Solar has out an impressive collection of construction supplies and industrial equipment. 

Quality Products

Best Quality, Best Price

SmartGen Solar has partnered with world renowned suppliers for it solar products and always source top notch solar products for the customers so that they last for the period they are meant to be.

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Simply Terrific

Our friendly Solar consultant will take into account all relevant information like your energy consumption, family size in order to customise most appropriate and efficient solar system for you.

Accredited Installers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our installers and designers are accredited with varied councils like Clean Energy council and comply with Australian standards to ensure safe and quality installation.







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How much do Solar Panels cost?

As a very rough guide, the total cost of getting a home solar system up and running is between $2500 (for a small 1.5 kW system) and $11,500 (for a top-of-the-line 5 kW system).

For businesses, the approximate cost of installing solar ranges from around $15,000 (for a 10kW system) to more than $200,000 (for a high-capacity 100 kW system).


The upfront cost of your solar PV system is affected by a number of different factors, including:

  • government incentives and support schemes available

  • contractor installation costs

  • type and number of solar panels, which affect the output of your system in kilowatts (kW)

  • type and size of inverter (the part of the system that converts the electrical output of your solar panels into AC electricity for use in your home or business)

  • type of framing equipment and other system components

  • height and accessibility of roof and whether it is tiled, metal or concrete

  • any after-sales service agreements

How can solar generation reduce my electricity bills?

A typical residential household consumes about 6,500 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Instead of purchasing all this electricity from your retailer, you can use the energy you generate from your own solar system and only purchase any extra electricity required from your retailer. Implementing this arrangement requires 'net' metering (see below).

According to estimates from the Clean Energy Council, an average 2 kilowatt system installed in Sydney will generate around 7.8 kilowatt hours per day, which is around 2,847 kilowatt hours per annum. This is close to 40 per cent of the average household consumption, and could represent a substantial saving on your electricity bill.

How much will a solar PV system
reduce my bill by?

How much of a saving you receive depends on many different aspects, including the size, quality and site of your system, your electricity usage patterns, the weather, and any feed-in tariff paid by your retailer.

Your installer can advise you on the expected output of a particular model and size of system installed at your house or business. Having a typical electricity account on hand and knowing the time of day you typically use your electricity will help your installer match the system to your needs.

What is the warranty cover
on my Solar system?

SmartGen Solar always sources high quality products for solar system. That is why our systems are backed by 25 year performance warranty so that you can have peace of mind after making solar investment with regards to its performance.

What factors go into determining the perfect solar installation for my home?

It truly depends on your home. Our team prides itself in determining and engineering the perfect solar fit. Here are some factors we use to determine your specific solar solution:

  • Your current energy usage.  If you use more energy, you will need a bigger solar system.

  • Your state’s net metering policy.  Net metering policy determines whether (and how much) you can feed your excess energy back to the electricity grid.

  • Your eligibility for tax credits, rebates, or incentives.

  • Your decision to lease or buy your solar system. With utility prices on the historic rise in most markets, you can save over the long term with solar.


Professional, fast, and reliable. Contact us with any questions you may have about residential, commercial or industrial solar systems. You can reach us by email at any time and we will get back to you promptly.

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